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            COVID- 19 

How You Can Help

Help us do what we do best - Feed people.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, putting strains on families across the country, the team at Cruze Co. have created an initiative to help everyone struggling and seriously affected by this pandemic. We feel it is our obligation as proud members of this community to do whatever we can to support and get them through this.


That's why Cruze Co. is launching a special program to help ensure that people can eat and Food banks can continue their critical work, even when the pandemic is over. 

With the Cruze Feeds program with your donation all funds will be used to make fresh made healthy meals to distribute to the Food Bank and people in our community.   


Help us and our community by feeding people nutritious meals in times of need.


If you would like to donate reach out to our Cruze Team at 306-485-8556 or Families or individuals needing the service are encouraged to call as well.


We appreciate your support. We will get through this together.


Katie and Brady 

Owners of Cruze Co. 

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